Reasons to join the AfriDokta Medical Team

1. Increase Revenue.

Offer AfriDOKTA. In medicine, every second matters and every penny counts. Knowing this, we created AfriDOKTA with healthcare providers in mind. Designed to fit your existing workflows, AfriDOKTA increases patient flow and revenue; over ksh 100000 of additional revenue per provider per month, on average.

2. Increase Patient Satisfaction.

Keep Your Patients. Patients want convenience. A recent study showed 64% of patients wanted the option to have a video visit with a doctor.

3. Treat patients when and where it is convenient for them.

Satisfaction rates will skyrocket! Reduce No-Shows. Recoup ksh 1.2 million/year. More convenient access to care means more patients show-up for their appointments. You'll love how simple it is to treat your patients remotely; your patients will love you for making their lives easier.

4. Save Time. Boost Practice Efficiency.

The average AfriDOKTA takes 10-15 minutes from start to finish versus a 30-60 minute in-office visit. Keep your patients away from the ER and Urgent Care for minor issues. Offer post-op follow-up care in the comfort of their homes.

5. Go Home Early.

Say Goodbye to fatigue. Between follow-ups, calling in scripts, juggling walk-ins, and working around no-shows, you've barely got time for lunch. When you can diagnose and treat your patients from anywhere, you're not tied to your office.

6. Monetize Treatment.

After-Hours. Time spent attending to after-hours calls adds up quick. And for many physicians, prescription refills, follow-ups and patient emails don't get compensated. AfriDOKTA allows you or your staff to care for patients after-hours and monetize those encounters. You could increase revenue up to $21,600 a year with just 10 visits a week!

7. Improve The Patient Experience.

Increasing your accessibility to patient’s results in a better patient experience. AfriDOKTA offers a simple way to stay connected with your patients and ensure they're getting the attention they need, on your terms. The result? Happier, healthier patients who'll be talking about you all over town!

8. Be An Early Adopter

Love Medicine Again. Be on the cutting edge of healthcare technology and innovate the way you practice medicine. With AfriDOKTA as your telemedicine partner, your colleagues will look up to you and your patients will adore you. Be apart of the exciting new benefits that AfriDOKTA is bringing to healthcare.

9. Improve The Healthcare system.

Increase Access to Care. We’re on a mission to fundamentally simplify healthcare for healthcare providers and their patients. The tools you use should improve your practice, not make it more complicated. Help improve healthcare with AfriDOKTA by improving access to the doctor your patients want to see — you.

10. Gain A Partner.

We're here to Help. Seriously. We're a physician-first company. What does that mean? In short, we're not just another technology vendor - we're a physician partner focused on improving the provider experience. We're here for you 24/7 !


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