How does it work?

AfriDOKTA allows you to easily share your symptoms with a first class doctor, 24/7, from the convenience of your home, office, hotel or village home by simply completing a few healthcare questions and the click of a button.

Consider this…You wake up one morning with sudden cold-like symptoms: stuffy nose, cough, congestion or a runny stomach. You have trouble getting an appointment with your existing doctor, or you think about the insane traffic and you don’t want to miss work, nor do you want to waste the whole day in the doctor’s clinic like you have nothing better to spend your time on. What to do?

Step 1 Contact AfriDOKTA Simply log in to your account, complete your Personal Health Record and request an online video consult with an AfriDOKTA doctor and We guarantee a less than 15 minutes physician response time.

Step 2 Talk to a certified doctor A licensed physician reviews your Personal or Electronic Health Record (EHR), then accepts your request for a consult and attends to you primary concerns and asks questions. This is very much like he or she would if you were in their medical office On average most consults last 30 mins. We keep it at 30 minutes because of the overwhelming demand due to the convenience of this means of seeing a doctor. Should your 30 minute consult come to an end or your doctor feel more time is warranted he or she can extend the consult into a second session.

Step 3 Resolve your issue The medical doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment for your primary complaint as stated in your request for the consult and based on the appropriate diagnosis. If a prescription is necessary, it’s sent to our certified pharmacy network and you have the option of choosing whether you want it delivered or whether you will pick it up in person from the pharmacy. Our trusted pharmacy network means you get legitimate drugs.

Step 4 Payment AfriDOKTA charges the credit card , health insurer or employer you provided based on your billing information on file. You can request a receipt for deductibles or reimbursement, if needed.

Step 5 Satisfaction At the end of every call, the doctor will ask if he or she has answered all of your questions, and we will follow up to make sure you’re satisfied with the service. With your permission, we can even send a message to your doctor that you enjoyed this experience so much that you would like to be able to consult with him using our telemedicine platform.


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