Improve access to quality care while controlling cost.

AfriDOKTA is the future of healthcare in Kenya and other Low and Middle Income Countries

The recent passage of the United Nations Sustainable Development Health Goal (SDG3) is driving a major shift in the promise of universal healthcare at the exact time Africans are demanding better quality healthcare. 85% of all households have a mobile phone and the majority population consists of those less than 35 years old. This segment is demanding dramatic changes in the way healthcare is delivered.
AfriDOKTA solves the three primary healthcare challenges in Africa: Limited Access, Skyrocketing Costs and Quality Inconsistency.

Insurer / Employer Registration

Real-time audio-video consultation

Telehealth is valued component of 21st century employer-sponsored healthcare benefit and employee-retention plans. The convenience of a real-time audio-video consultation with a doctor via smartphone, tablet or computer provides employees with a confidential, cost-effective alternative to in-person urgent care or emergency rooms visits. Nearly 75% of all medical conditions seen by a General Practitioner in Kenya and other African nations can be managed quickly and effectively through a virtual visit.

Benefits of the AfriDOKTA Platform

Minimized Absenteeism: Virtual doctor visits reduce employee downtime & absenteeism;

Productivity Improvement: Easy access to high quality healthcare Improves employee morale and thereby productivity;

Data-Driven Savings: AfriDOKTA employs predictive analytics to anticipate employee medical needs and identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve health via wellness, clinical interventions, etc.;

Fraud Prevention via Electronic Claims Validation: AfriDOKTA submits electronic claims for each doctor consultation based on actual, verifiable episodes of care. In fact, the visits can be videotaped for additional audit support.

Pay As You Go: Unlike insurance, AfriDOKTA requires minimal upfront fees for registration and set-up. Our pay-as-you-go model improves cash flow and prevents paying premiums for services you may never use.

Cover Verification: AfriDOKTA’s virtual platform prevents the fraudulent use of the service by people not covered by the benefit. AfriDOKTA’s initial patient registration procedure prior to first use, and our electronic medical records verification protocols at time service is accessed, together assure that only qualified employees and dependents have access to the service. Real time updates from employers allows AfriDOKTA to quickly deactivate employees no longer with company. AfridOKTA will also integrate with insurers databases to verify insurance benefit coverage and limitation in a real time almost instantaneous fashion.

Simplified Billing: Employers receive one invoice from AfriDOKTA every two weeks covering all documented claims. Eliminates HR departments from paying numerous individual medical bills submitted by employees for reimbursement.

Flexibility: : AfriDOKTA will customize the benefit for a company’s employees. Options include tiered benefits (i.e. number of visits) for different classifications of employees (i.e. C-suite, middle management and remote site employees.);

AfriDOKTA’s three Cs; Cost, Convenience and Confidentiality benefits:

  • Offering on-demand appointments and private medical consultations with Kenya’s physicians and other specialists when necessary;
  • Avoiding the challenge of lost time traveling to a doctor’s office due to traffic;
  • Eliminating wasted time spent in long queues at a doctor's office;
  • Eliminating travel and wait times at the pharmacy
  • Eliminating waiting at laboratory for orders to be processed
  • Offering patients the opportunity to have their current paper-based health information contained in their medical folders converted into an electronic record; and
  • Offering 24/7/365 customer service to assist patients who need help using the platform
  • Delivering a guarantee of quality and equitable care to all
  • Free reminders of vaccination
  • Patient education that helps make them become more proactive with their own care
Disclaimer: AfriDOKTA is not a solution for all healthcare challenges and does not replace the relationship with a patients general practitioner. Our focus is primarily non-emergency issues. The medical providers of AfriDOKTA are trained to recognize abuse of the system and when necessary will insist a user sees their primary care physician in person.


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