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A reliable and accurate diagnosis is necessary in order to select the proper treatment options for patients. Advanced diagnostic technologies help doctors detect diseases earlier, while laboratory diagnostics services help to improve workflow and efficiency – and this in turn can help save lives. AfriDOKTA offers a broad portfolio of diagnostic solutions like ultrasound and radiology equipment that provide more effective ways to assist in the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of disease. Our medical equipment and services offer the right balance of science, technology, and practicality to provide medical professionals and hospital staff with the vital information they need to deliver better, more personalized healthcare to patients around the globe.


The AfriDOKTA lab network is committed to the delivery of quality results to doctors and patients with full spectrum Pathology service. Physical locations of the labs include Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


AfriDOKTA labs include accreditation from KENAS, SANAS and SADCAS and their central support functions are ISO 9001 certified with the aim of meeting or exceeding user expectations.


The lab service, headed by over 90 Specialist Pathologists with a very broad range of expertise, performs in excess of 3700 separate pathology tests. The Pathologist’s role is not only to ensure the quality and validity of investigations, but also to offer consultative services to physicians, managed healthcare institutions, the occupational health environment, and the insurance and industrial sectors.


AfriDOKTA users can choose to receive results electronically on the Lab portal which provide very rapid delivery of a result to a providers AfriDOKTA dashboard.

IF YOU ARE A PATIENT, would like to become one and live without our locality, please contact us or pop i to see us during our opening time


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